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Wealth Don't Stop

Hello, world. This is Chess Moves reporting live from a sunny day in Wealthside, Detroit, MI.

We've been working diligently here at Forever By Wealth to ensure a glorious lifestyle development environment for all to experience. We want you to know that your dedication and patience with our brand has not been overlooked. We pay close attention to marketing grooves and niche business spikes going on within these inter webs. Belief that we too can have special success in the world of resourcefulness, fulfillment and entertainment keeps our goals grounded. Lately, an attitude of replacing all expectation with stern/open appreciation has manifested and taken hold of the neutral system of our company. As a collective we trust in out process to produce works that can enhance, influence and create aspiration. Again, your dedication and patience during this constructive and formative period is appreciated; and your endeavors will not go to waste in the overall curation of what we stand for as a culture. What we ask of our community is to continue in the pursuit of self knowledge and well being. Creating Forever By Wealth was once a task in itself. Sustaining the brand and cultural sculptor that is Forever By Wealth is the current task. Nothing is impossible and therefore faith without action is just a  dream. We are in action. This has been your reminder. Peace.



Binary Radius

We feel as if a shift is coming in our direction. Loving the creations formulating within the state of Michigan and especially the city of Detroit. To be apart of the solution is wonderful. We are grateful of all who participate. With no hesitation, this life is on full display. Wealth is our wrath. We aspire to inspire, don't worry about the way you're feeling unless its feeling of self. Self knowledge. All about power. That combines knowledge and respect. Thats the only condition. Strive. Strive. Driven beyond measure. Peace to the Gods. Eye Witness. Gorgeous life. Psychologically impactful and socially observant.


Eye just want us all to be apart of the solution. The code is within us all. In the eye of the Gods. In the LOVE of the Lawds. In the trad of the stunts. Musical masterpieces on the horizon. More oldies falling out of the vault. Of course more written bars being decoded by the sorcery and comprehended by the glorious. Listen closely. Don't allow the knowledge that is of self to fall on deaf ears. Who else wants to create? The bars are endless. Concentration on the wealth. Almighty meaning. Oceans in the vision. Distance has no limits.



Stream/Download "EYE LOVE EVERYBODY I"

"EYE LOVE EVERYBODY I" is a compilation project presented by Forever By Wealth in partnership with SPACEY Music Group/Yung Hustla Ent. 

After the jump we can stream/download this project!


Video: Eminem "Rap God"

Em will always be the reason I even attempt to rhyme
Definitely a "rap god" and this video is insanely tight
peep game..


Peep game

Kanye press run of 2013
historic press run of 2013
believe in your truth
understand the power we all possess

game peep'd


Podcast: Jalen Rose Report 11/21/13

If you're a sports fan and NOT hip to the Jalen Rose report, you are losing. 
Check this podcast out and stay tuned for more. Im addicted to these. Not to mention Jalen Rose is from Detroit and doing huge things out here. 


Video: The Stereo Boyz "DRAGO"

This video is from The Stereo Boyz for their song called "DRAGO" 
.. FbW is of course in full support of this implement. 

Music: Hustle Blaze "Go DJ 2.0"

Hustle Blaze is a artist representing Yung Hustla Entertainment, born and raised in Detroit, MI. Influenced early on by his brother who was also rapping at the time, Blaze became involved in the creation of music. Having performed at venues such as Bullfrog, Blondie's, and Chene Park, Blaze has already began his path to stardom with a progressive approach. 

Looking to expand his fan-base as a artist worthy of mass attention, Blaze is preparing to release his third mixtape installment "Blaze The City Round 3: Ironman". The release of his single "Go DJ 2.0" will also available on iTunes. Stay tuned for more details.

FbW is pleased to be apart of the forthcoming movement that Yung Hustla Entertainment is implementing.


Video: Jay Keys "Official"

Dallas, Texas own Jay Keys just released this video for his song "Official"
Peep game.

be sure to follow him on twitter! @IAmJayKeys 
Google+ .. +Jeremiah Veals 
And check out his artist profile on MTV

Salute to the homie, this joint is tight.


Matrix: Unlocked

The Lord has blessed you the ability to have free will and merit. Granted, some fall by the mediums of life, more than none conquer something. Some form of living had become. The life we live now is the life we have responsibility over first. Since a child we have wanted to be free. To be independent meant one can stand on their own two feet and proclaim accomplishment! Sometimes this blessing can be taken for granted. The feeling of some accomplishment can be suddenly short lived by the romanticism of karma. Yes, karma. Cant speak the gains without the pains. With the life we live we suffer setbacks; experiences that shape us into adults. The growing pains that lock into our memory as reminders of failure in search of accomplishment. Lets admit, no one walking the planet of Earth has lived a fail free life. Eye digress. We must organize. Freedom meets freedom. Brains with something that can potentially create better lives convene. Wealth building wealth to overcome the karma of past failure. Besides, the more we win now the less room for failure as time elapse. Im not requiring people to worship or necessarily "follow" anyone in this organization of minds. I encourage all to follow their personal belief in self. Stand on your own two feet and proclaim the destiny you dream! The wealth is here for us all. 

Peace and blessings.


Check this out.

I feel like Im one of the only people that can "relate" to Yeezus.


This is Entertainment.
Radio business is insanity. Old Man Ebro is Great for my aspirations.
Knowing your lane is essential. I just resepct this culture.
Respect our culture.
CAP Culture. out here.

peace and blessings. Django HUTCH